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and in the past 2

1958: Inside the frames. The man to the left is the welder I employed. He did all the final welding. The young fellow to the right is myself at the age of 23

1958: Frames erected, view from aft

Me below having a beer with a Danish harbour master in 1969

is rigging summer 1964. Me to the right, my friend the shipwright to the right

1958: Frames erected, view from forward

Nelly Mathilde ready for her maiden sail in late august 1964

is end of summer 1961, iron hull completed. The boat was built on the back of my parent´s farmhouse which explains the cow in the picture

Summer 1962. Nelly Mathilde is lifted on a trailer for transport to the fish harbour of Simrishamn where the interior was build by a shipwright, an old friend of mine

( Pictures with the courtesy of Knut Aspergren )

And in the past