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"She has proved to be an outstanding seaboat, vastly self-steering, balanced at all angels of heel only once did she put her railing under and this was when she was in a violent summer storm with Force 9 winds registering on shore, making 6 knots good to windward.Her best hour's run was 9.5nm, her best day's run 166nm. The boat is easily handled and she has been sailed mostly with just my wife and myself as crew.For the three seasons she was sailed without an engine, in and out of crowed fishing harbours, narrow natural harbours of the Swedish Skerries and over long distances alike, never to let us down once" Knut Aspegren."Time and again she has proved her ability to withstand the worst weather and at no time has she given her owners any cause for concern. With her gleaming spars, black hull and commanding presence, she is instantly recogniseable as a cruising yacht and has proved to be a superb boat for living aboard" Peter Novak."I hope by now you have had an opportunity to find out how well she sails, especially out on the ocean and in bad weather, she will take great care of you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable she is" David Blackburn to Luc Carlier.

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"Nelly Mathilde" is registered with The Old Gaffers Association (U.K.). Her owner is a member of the Royal North Sea Yacht Club (Ostend) and of the Yacht Club de France (Paris).

Nelly Mathilde