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After over 50 years of cruising the Baltic, North Sea, Mediterranean, North Atlantic (12 crossings), "Nelly Mathilde" really required some special loving care. This operation which started as a major refit in 2009 was carried out in the port of Argeles-sur-mer (South of France) turned out to become a true restoration which had come to an end in June 2016. Some comments of her previous owners :


Luc Carlier, a former officier of the Belgian Navy, who since his childhood had dreamed of owning a Colin Archer boat, fell in love with "Nelly Mathilde" and bought her at the end of 1996. He registered her under the Belgian flag and made her home post Ostend. After sailing her in the North Sea he decided to head for warmer climes and entered her once again in the ARC for the 1999 crossing.After arriving safely in St Lucia he cruised the surrounding islands ans wintered "Nelly" on the hard in Martinique.Early 2000 he island-hopped to Antigua and entered "Nelly Mathilde" again in an ARC rally and sailed her back to Europe via Bermudas and Azores. For this passage his crewmembers - changing partly at each landing - were enthusiastic young man (and one girl), some preparing a career at sea, but all very motivated for blue-water sailing on an old gaffer.Since the end of 2000 Nelly Mathilde" has a safe mooring in Argeles sur mer, a nice little port on the French Mediterranean coast, a few miles from the Spanish border. In 2003 Luc Carlier sailed his old gaffer to Corsica and visited the French Riviera on the way back. Since then not many miles were recorded in her logbook.

"Nelly" changed hands in 1993, passing into the care of Rick Ganly. He took her back the Caribbean with the 1994 ARC rally, and cruised her extensively in the West Indies.He bought the boat back to England in September/ November 1995 with much of the crossing beset by heavy weather. "Nelly" then became a much loved part of the scenery in the tiny medieval port of Rye in East Sussex.

History suite