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The "Viking Cruise" , planned last year after a too long restauration period, was cancelled due to lack of watertightness of the new deck.Nelly is now in all respects ready for blue water. Her new mooring is in St. Margarita/Rosas (Med.North of Spain).A summer cruise is planned for the coming months of August and September and will include Atlantic Island and the Portuguese coast.More about this summer cruise to appear soon on the site. July 2018LATE SUMMER CRUISE, A REAL SHAKE DOWN CRUISE.The planned "late summer cruise", to be the maiden voyage of Nelly Mathilde after her long restauration, became in fact a real shake down cruise.During nearly five weeks and for over 1500NM, the boat has been tested under various weather conditions in the Western Mediterranean sea.Knut Aspegren, builder of Nelly Mathilde had joined as crew member. Thanks to his presence a lot of improvements, especially in the rigging, were made.After this successful cruise Nelly found back her safe berth in Rosas, read for new blue water adventures. October 2018