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DESIGN :The designer of "Nelly Mathilde" was Jac M. Iversen. He was Norwegian and Colin Archer's assistant. He worked in Stockholm and after his death, all his drawings were handed over to the Swedisch National Museum and subsequently scanned into "portfolios" and put on the internet.Nelly Mathilde's drawings can be seen on the address :http://www.sjohistorika.se/sv/Fordjupning/Marketstore/Ritning/?msobjid=0001418There are some drawings that portfolio witch do not belong to her. She was designed with a Bermuda rig but her builder, Knut Aspegren, changed this rig to a gaff rig of his own design.NELLY MATHILDE AND COLIN ARCHER : Knut Aspegren, builder of Nelly Mathilde wrote : It is interesting to compare Nelly Mathilde with the lines of a pilot boat, designed by Colin Archer in 1906. This late design of his must be seen as the summit of his achievements in so far that it most likely contains all his wisdom about what a sailing 40-footer should be. Nelly Mathilde is the same size. The similarities are striking : Beam-lenght ratio, waterlines and easy diagonals. But the pilot boat has less draught and less freeboard and is more undercut at the forefoot. In all other respects a similar boat.The lateral plane is almost identical. Waterlines and diagonals are very similar. Crossections of Nelly Mathilde are just slightly more "yachty" than those of Colin Archer, which are a bit more "v-formed", giving the heavier displacement. So one can say that Nelly Mathilde is a crossbreed between a Colin Archer pilot cutter and rescue boat. Looking at her lines, one can say that she could have been designed by the master himself. Or one can say that Jac Iversen was deeply rooted in the Colin Archer tradition.CREWHANDBOOK :- Crewmembers of "Nelly Mathilde" are often young students aiming a career in the maritime sector (navy, merchant navy, yachting and keen to sail and experience an old gaffer).On arrival on board each crewmember receives a crewhandbook giving full information on the boat, on life on board (watchkeeping, safety procedures and on various aspects of maritime culture (rope and sailhandling etiquette, first aid, etc).The welcoming words of this hand book read as follows :" To all new crewmembers joining "NELLY MATHILDE"" I wish you a hearty welcome aboard Nelly Mathilde - an old gaffer with a lot of traditional adventures behind her -" This handbook aims to help you familiarise yourself with the boat, with life on board and with the safety procedures -" I thank you for helping to make life for your fellow crewmembers as comfortable and pleasant as you would wish for yourself -" Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions, remarks or suggestions -" I hope in helping Nelly Mathilde add new miles to the many already acculated on her log, you will have fun and a great time.Luc CarlierSkipper- Under the heading Watckkeeping- Expect The Unexpected"When anyone asks me how I can best describe my experience of nearly forty years at sea, I merely say uneventful. Of course, there have been winter gales and storms and fog and the like, but in all my experience, I have never been in a accident of any sort worth speaking about. I have seen but one vessel in distress in all my years at sea. I never saw a wreck and have never been wrecked, or was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort." From a presentation by E.J. Smith, 1907On 14th April 1912, the R.M.S. Titanic sank with the loss of 1500 souls, one of which was its Master, Captain E.J. Smith.OLD GAFFERS ASSOCIATION (U.K.)- "Nelly Mathilde" is registered with the Old Gaffers Association (U.K.) n°1520. She was present on various international festivals and events related to traditional boats.MAJOR REFIT :- After over 45 years (some of intense activity) "Nelly Mathilde" really deserved the major refit witch started in 2009 and is due to be completed by the summer 2013.A SEARCH IN THE ATLANTIC :(Extract World Cruising Club Magazine - winter 99/2000)ARC 99The steady progress of the feet was interrupted on 6 December when a mayday message went out from a non-ARC yacht Jagermeister after skipper Petter Noreng went overboard during the night. The safety net aspect of the ARC came into action as Mazy relayed the mayday message to the Norwegian Maritime. Rescue Co-ordination Centre, before putting out a call on the ARC radio net. Barefoot, Sonja, Nelly Mathilde and Hildring were joined in the search along with two aircraft from the US Coastguard. After 18 hours in the water Petter was picked up by Hildring who looked after him before he returned to Jagermeister to finish the crossing.